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Green Burial Options

There are many beautiful, beneficial ways to return to the earth! Human Composting “is an accelerated form of decomposition by which a corpse is placed in a vessel with wood chips, alfalfa, and straw. Oxygen is pumped in to increase thermophilic, or heat-loving microbial activity.” As it is a relatively new method of experimentation, the … Continue reading Green Burial Options

Pastel Loss

I want you to feel free to go, but my heart is still shattering. I cry into the too fast-moving afternoon sunlight. I cry into the painted evening sky outlining the East mountain ridge. The perfectly layered blues, purples, and pinks are gentle and accepting of this grief. These colors feel right; they are soft … Continue reading Pastel Loss


Reiki Mantra: Just for today, do not worry. Just for today, do not anger. Just for today, honor your parents, teachers, and elders. Just for today, earn your living honestly. Just for today, show gratitude for every living thing. Reiki is a healing touch therapy I find incredibly helpful to those who are open to … Continue reading Reiki

Being Woke Won’t Save You

I wasn’t going to be “that person.” No, I was going to rise above and be more evolved than the pandemic-fearing masses. I rationalized a TV-free, meditation, vegan, and yogic lifestyle magically inoculated me against catching the fear.  It wasn’t until I sobbed beneath my duvet at 3 a.m. when I realized the “woke vaccine” … Continue reading Being Woke Won’t Save You


I’ve become complacent. I feel this as deeply as I feel the fascia tearing from my pelvis, hips and spine. I feel my tightness being forced to surrender: oh the pain….it’s enlightening…it tells me where I’ve gotten stuck and proud. It not-so-gently awakens me to my more recent reality. I am thankful for muscle memory…my … Continue reading Yoga

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