On Reeds and Dancing Warriors

Acceptance is like bending as a reed in the wind. It is the state of remaining supple yet strong.

I think of a Pema Chodron quote: “remember the warrior- a peaceful person who is dedicating his or her life to the benefit of all- should always be a little broken hearted.”
She speaks that the goal is to consistently live in alignment within the premise that tenderness keeps us humble and open. Not so much as we are damaged by it, but that we remain soft and vulnerable.

Sometimes I struggle to let my loved ones go, because releasing isn’t always passive and easy: it’s a radical, active love. It is furthering their best interests and nurturing their heart’s desires, hopes, and dreams….all the while retaining my own autonomy, knowing I may not be part of their future.

Romantic love can be messy sometimes, too. It doesn’t always carry the insurance of a parent/child relationship or any other familial or platonic bond.

When two energies choose to dance, they hold between them an exquisite fragility. This delicate creation is a chosen blending and movement of wills. At times, it seems to transcend space and time, and that’s where things can get fuzzy: blurry like being twirled around and around and everything becomes soft and heady. The surrounding world seems to become gentle and light— how it would feel to be immersed in an impressionistic painting. 

It can be difficult to slow down to return to the dance after spinning. In these moments of changing pace, I am acutely aware my partner is leading and I must follow.

I will always choose him with open awareness. I will continually make the choice to support and back him no matter what— even if that means he leaves the dance.

My partner is teaching me to love unconditionally and stay open in growth and truth. Looking into his eyes—into his soul, gives me courage to trust his decisions and know my own heart.

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